• Right Here, Right Now: San Antonio

    Right Here, Right Now: San Antonio

    Right Here, Right Now: San Antonio is a multidisciplinary exhibition, featuring 19 artists & artist collaboratives, across generations. Organized by Curator Dean Daderko, and Exhibitions Manager & Assistant Curator, Patricia Restrepo; this showcase of San Antonio talent examines a constellation of dialogue surrounding materiality, identity, and performativity. Currently on view at Contemporary Arts Museum Houston • Right Here Right Now: San Antonio • April 27th — August 5, 2018 • 5216 Montrose Blvd, Houston, Texas 77006 @camhouston

    Truly, I am honored to have been invited to participate in this incredible curation. Words cannot express how moving it is for me, showing work alongside my dearest colleagues, and my personal San Antonio art heroes, including César Martínez and Chuck Ramirez.

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    LUJURIA has been one of the funnest project's I've worked on yet! Appropriating the language of 80s action cinema and arcade shoot 'em ups, LUJURIA centers on articulating the pressures of "coming out." Appropriating the language of 80s action cinema, LUJURIA celebrates LGBT endurance, expressing a lust for life, freedom, and respect. 

    Documentation of the work will be posted very soon!

  • b0142eb5fde2ab16-IMG_9939.JPG

    ALL MY LOVE (TO THE MOTHERS OF GAY LIBERATION). Recovered nylon Pride flag, from defunct Tequila Island, architectural brick, mixed media, sculpture. Michael Martinez, 2017.

    As featured in part 1 of Interconnectedness, an exhibition curated by Jose Villalobos at Clamp Light Artist Studios & Gallery. February 10, 2017.

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    Mark your calendars for Interconnectedness, a two-part group exhibition, curated by Jose Villalobos

    Featuring 15 artists, including yours truly, Interconnectedness is a group exhibition that speaks to moments in our lives when we can reflect on the word “mother.” Opening 2/10/17 Clamp Light Artist Studios and Gallery, from 7 - 10 PM, Interconnectedness explores the untold stories of our creators.

    7 - 10 PM, 2/10/17. 1704 Blanco Rd Suite 104, San Antonio, TX 78212. — at Clamp Light Artist Studios and Gallery.

  • Forthcoming Exhibition — Te Voy A Conquistar, 2/18/17

    Te Voy A Conquistar is a performance based artwork which employs elements of installation to set the stage. Expressing the anxieties endured by Queer members of la gente, Te Voy A Conquistar communicates a need for the expansion of the narrative of Latino identity within the US and beyond. Centering on the pressures of “coming out,” Te Voy A Conquistar is a crescendo of melancholic introspection and boisterous expression. Despite speaking from the perspective of a Gay Chicano, Te Voy A Conquistar invites audience members to consider (or reconsider) their own identities and relationships with gender, and the LGBTX spectrum.

    To closeted LGBTX audience members, Te Voy A Conquistar is not a rallying cry to fling open the closet door, to romp around some parade. Te Voy A Conquistar is a nod in your direction, an acknowledgement that you are not alone—that the pain you feel is valid and shared.

    Performance times for Te Voy A Conquistar are shown below, and may be seen both Saturday and Sunday. Audience members are invited to experience the set as installation, prior to the start of each act.

    Saturday, February 18th.

    1:00 PM—2:00 PM

    3:00 PM—4:00 PM

    5:00—6:00 PM

    Sunday, February 19th.

    12:00 PM—1:00 PM

    2:00 PM—3:00 PM

    4:00—5:00 PM 

  • Forthcoming Exhibition — Interconnectedness, 2/10/17

    Interconnectedness a group exhibition assembled by artist curator Jose Villalobos. A two part group exhibition, Interconnectedness will be held at 1704 Blanco Rd Suite 104. With opening receptions February 10th and 24th from 7-10 PM. Whether present or absent, a mother’s love is nevertheless empowering. A mother helps shape us into who we are as individuals. Interconnectedness is a group exhibition that speaks to moments in our lives when we can reflect on the word “mother.” As human beings, we are interconnected and share the same type of mutual relationship with our mothers, even when one is motherless a special someone steps in to take on that role. This exhibition explores the untold stories about our creators. Resident artist Jose Villalobos unites various artists at Clamp Light to share their experiences.