• Forthcoming Exhibition — Te Voy A Conquistar, 2/18/17

    Te Voy A Conquistar is a performance based artwork which employs elements of installation to set the stage. Expressing the anxieties endured by Queer members of la gente, Te Voy A Conquistar communicates a need for the expansion of the narrative of Latino identity within the US and beyond. Centering on the pressures of “coming out,” Te Voy A Conquistar is a crescendo of melancholic introspection and boisterous expression. Despite speaking from the perspective of a Gay Chicano, Te Voy A Conquistar invites audience members to consider (or reconsider) their own identities and relationships with gender, and the LGBTX spectrum.

    To closeted LGBTX audience members, Te Voy A Conquistar is not a rallying cry to fling open the closet door, to romp around some parade. Te Voy A Conquistar is a nod in your direction, an acknowledgement that you are not alone—that the pain you feel is valid and shared.

    Performance times for Te Voy A Conquistar are shown below, and may be seen both Saturday and Sunday. Audience members are invited to experience the set as installation, prior to the start of each act.

    Saturday, February 18th.

    1:00 PM—2:00 PM

    3:00 PM—4:00 PM

    5:00—6:00 PM

    Sunday, February 19th.

    12:00 PM—1:00 PM

    2:00 PM—3:00 PM

    4:00—5:00 PM